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More As mean more smart?

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I asked my nephew who scored 11As (9A1 + 2A2) in SPM are their generation truly smarter than my generation? He humbly replied no, the exam standard is low nowadays.

Any statistician will tell you making examination performance comparison with previous years is totally meaningless. A scientific examination marking for grading is not a fixed percentage, it’s adjustable percentage depending on percentile and distribution of the exam result in the said population.

The reasons are as below,

1. Two different populations.

2. Two different sets of examination papers.

3. The passing and grading marks are not fixed, a loophole can be manipulated by the authorities.

I quote an example in my old day, no student in my school would score A1 in biology paper if a fixed grading mark like 80% was used as A1 yardstick. Many biology examination questions in that year were designed to test a student’s analytical thinking power, not the memory power as we thought in the class. Many students were stunned and panicked (me too!), some have to be calmed down by the field examiners.

The SPM result in that year is I was only one scored […]