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Where the boys are? They are Mat Rempit, VCD hawker, Robber, Rapist, etc.

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68.1% female students in pubic university is a very unhealthy trend. This trend may explain why less than 20% students are studying science and engineering courses.

To import engineers and scientists to help Malaysia achieving the developed world by 2020?

Where the boys gone? Many of them are ended up as mat rempit, VCD hawker, robber, drug addict, rapist, etc.

New incentives have to apply to encourage more males to enter universities like paying 50% of fees and tax rebate to family with boy studying in the university.

More women accepted into public varsities

PETALING JAYA: More female students have been accepted into public universities than their male counterparts, said the Education Ministry’s Higher Education Department.

Its director-general Prof Datuk Dr Morshidi Sirat said that 39,352 or 68.1% of the total of 41,573 students accepted into public universities were females.

“Our initial assumption was that more males would apply for entry into polytechnics, community colleges and other skills institutes,” he said yesterday.

“However, the figures at polytechnics and community colleges did not support that assumption. We don’t really know where the boys are.”

Meanwhile, Prof Morshidi said that 41,573 students were […]