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Why non-halal food is not allowed in Malaya University?

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BN government says non-Muslims must be sensitive to Muslims where pork is halam for them, therefore non-Muslims shall respect them in the public places for not eating pork.

This reasoning sounds logic for many non-Muslim malaysians because we are brainwashed to respect Islam unilaterally, but we have never heard of same respect must be given to the halam food for Buddhists and Hindus. For instance, meat is a halam food for a lot of Buddhists while beef is considered halam food for Hindu as well. But ironically all sorts of meat and beef are sold openly in the canteens and food centers in local universities, Plus R&R stops, etc.

In a nutshell, religious sensitivity is needed for Islam only in Bolehland.

The second argument is Muslims are the majority in Malaysia, logically non-Muslims shall sacrifile themselves in the public places. Fortunately this kind of self-sacrifile by the minority is not listed in the UN human rights declaration. In India, Muslims are allowed to consume beef freely although Muslim population is a minority.

Pork can be sold openly in wet market in Kelantan where Muslim population is above 95% is indicated that non-halal food in […]