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Afterthought of reading Lim Kim Cherng's Muar food reviews in the China Press

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This trishaw is not Muar traditional trishaw which is pedalled from the left side.

My stomach feels hungry after reading many Muar Chinese food reviews by Lim 林金城, a gourmet writer in the China Press. Most Chinese foods in Muar city are Teochew-styled, their tastes are remained unchanged and authentic since 60s and 70s.

Besides Penang, Muar is another gourmet haven in Malaysia. Melaka Hainan chicken rice ball is believed to be originated from Muar. Malay cuisines like mee Bandung, asam pedas, rojak, satay, etc. are also my favorite snacks.

A food of thought, if Muar can attract 10% tourists visiting Melaka for a day trip, meaning 1 million plus tourists a year to Muar that is a cash cow for Muar people.

Unfortunately, Muar council is still too pathetic, rigid and lazy to promote Muar tourism products to outside world. For example, Muar tourist map in Malay language does not help foreign tourists at all to venture and explore Muar.

There is not a single Muar promotion leaflet or brochure for tourists ever printed by Johor government.

These “makan” places will be reviewed and updated in English in when I […]