Muar & Tangkak >>>

The credit go to MCA Muar for coming out Muar tourist map

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); MCA Chris Lee is not holding any position in Johor government, thus Johor government channeled public fund to him for a public project is a type of corruption.

I have looked into 2012 Muar city map beta 1, it’s still not perfect but is much better than Melaka tourist map.

Kudos to MCA Chris Lee Ching Yong, who is a serious contender for Bakri parliamentary seat. MCA top leaders are suck in the national policies, but its grassroots leaders are easily outdone DAP.

DAP may be wanted to bombard MCA for the “poke-eye” English and English version is limited to introduction and map markings.

There are a number of English grammar errors in the map.

When Malacca felled to the Portugese,….fell should be used when a nation was captured by the enemy.

the Fortaleza Muar the defend…should be “the Fortaleza Muar to defend…

Leisure Activities #133: Fishmen Village should be Fishermen Village.

Landmark #135: The train locomotive is not a replica, it is a real one.

I found an extra spacing due to typesetting error.

Another area for improvement is English version for the briefing of Muar history, economy, places of […]