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How to accept 'bunuh Cina' call in the gathering is a moderate thinking?

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Can you recognize Najib in the left bottom photo?

Can Ah Jib Gor enlighten me that instigating crowds to kill Chinese is not extremism?

“Bunuh Cina” shouting might not came out from Najib’s mouth, but he was a UMNO Youth leader led the Malay rally in Kampung Baru stadium.

I was a passive participant in the rally because my Mindef paid hostel was located at a short distance from the stadium. My coursemates mostly Malays except one was killed in a helicopter crash are still alive to testify 1987’s incident.

If you think I hate PM Najib for his 1987’s mob rally, then you are very wrong. I bring this old story out from a worm can is to remind any politician, you are fully responsible for what you say and do.

I did say in many open forums, PM Najib is a capable UMNO leader unlike Pak Lah who is a stumbling block for Anwar to take over Putrajaya if he can deliver his ETP and distance himself from Malay extremists. I hope he does not follow Mahahtir’s dirty tactic to win in the general election.

Pak Lah is credited […]