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Najib is lucky to marry Rosmah

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PM Najib and Puan Rosmah had just finished a joint appearance in parliament when their limousine stopped for fuel at a Pea2nut petrol station in Jalan Kuching.

The attendant looked inside, saw Puan Rosmah and said, “Madam, did you remember me? I was your classmate who tried to date you in high school.”

“Yes, I remember,” Rosmah replied pleasantly. “Nice to see you again, Johan.”

The car drove off. Najib smiled at his wife and said, “I’ll bet you’re glad you married me and not him.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Why?” the prime minister asked incredulously. “Because he’s a petrol jockey and I’m the Prime Minister.”

“Sayang,” Rosmah shot back. “but if I had married him, then he would be Prime Minister.”

[Disclaimer: The joke is not a real story, it’s a modified joke on Bill Clinton.]