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A rubbish attacks another thrash...Namewee vs Utusan

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Do you watch film made by Ibrahim Ali if any? I will not watch any films from these people even be given a free ticket. Same logic applies to Namewee.

People like Fauziah Arof has absolute rights not to watch Namewee’s garbage. What’s wrong with her decision as an Utusan reporter?

I read from a comment in the MalaysiaKini Chinese about Nasi Lemak 2.0, the comment says the plots in the movie are too superficial in addressing Malaysia racial disunity problem. There are all symptoms, not the root causes of the racial polarization.

When anyone disagrees with Namewee and criticize him openly, he will retaliate by making a fxxx your mother video to attack his opponents, this is so-called Chinese hero and Malaysian patriot?

This is a total failure of Chinese independence school and his parents for producing a person who has no EQ to take on critics.

Actually his latest fxxx utusan youtube video is designed to get more Malaysians to watch his movie. Another million will go to his pocket if you cannot resist temptation to watch his movie.

Namewee’s past bad records in insulting Malaysia were forgiven by our […]