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Namewee’s clip controversy

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Namewee is capitalizing on the Chinese anti-BN sentiments to boost up his own fame. Many Chinese support him simply because of according to them Namewee speaks out their mind loudly.

Unfortunately I am Chinese, and I read more deeper into Namewee’s mind. He was making a cheap (and dangerous) public stun to make his name more popular for his next movie, “Nasi Lemak2” and other commercial purposes.

He is not just a racist, but also a pariah for insulting two female Malaysians in the public who are still innocent in the court.

In the meantime, I also do not condone racist remarks against Chinese and Indians from the Malay headmistress.

They all have to face the music for insulting other races.

The root cause of this episode is selective and bias prosecution, usually non-bumis are the victims by the BN government. No prosecution against UMNO politicians who made racist remarks in the past is adding more fuel to the fire.

I wrote several articles in Chinese and were published by Malaysiakini Chinese portal to rebut and unfold Namewee’s real motives.

If you can read Chinese, please go to these URLs