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National Broadband Initiatives (NBI) is another BN racial discrimination program

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Although Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum replied to an inquiry from Senator Datuk Rizuan Abdul Hamid that the National Broadband Initiatives with free netbook are for students from the rural poor household with less than RM 3000 monthly income and urban household with less than RM 5000 monthly income.

There is a hidden clause, only residents staying nearby the 1 community broadband center are eligible for the NBI as in the below statement given out by the Deputy Minister, Joseph Salang Gandum.

“Bagi mempraktikkan penggunaan netbook tersebut, kementerian mengenal pasti mereka yang layak yang tinggal berhampiran 246 Pusat Komuniti Jalur Lebar (PJK) di seluruh negara.”

After checking the 1 community broadband center,, I found out all community centers are located in the rural area either dominated by Malay or other bumiputeras.

There is not a single new village is included in the 1 community broadband center, and therefore poor Chinese in the new villages are automatically singled out from NBI funded by Federal government.

BN government is intentionally to discriminate poor Chinese and Indians through a subtle 1Malaysia way without mentioning a single word, “non-bumi students are not eligible”.