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To pay Rafizi’s legal fees with Selangor state fund is an abuse of public money

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Rafizi is charged unfairly and selectively by BN government does not mean it’s right for Selangor government to abuse public fund to defend him in the court. Rafizi is no longer a public servant with Selangor, thus he is not entitled to get legal aid from the Selangor state.

Let learn from this incident, expose “official documents” under anonymous account in future.

Rafizi pledges to continue exposing corruption despite lawsuits

KUALA LUMPUR, — PKR’s Rafizi Ramli has refused to stop going public with his revelations on alleged corruption in the government despite facing two court charges today for his exposes that could land him in jail and set him back millions of ringgit and a shot at a Parliament seat..

The young leader told The Malaysian Insider that if he had not soldiered on with his work, scandals like the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) “cow condo” controversy and the Ampang LRT deal would not have made national headlines.