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History of the National Anthem

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According to records there are two sources relating to the origin of the National Anthem before the song Negaraku became the National Anthem of Malaysia. The same tune was once the State Anthem of Perak and it was also the tune of a very popular contemporary song entitled Terang Bulan. According to Tuan Haji Mustapha Albakri, the tune was used as the Perak State anthem for the first time in England in 1901 during the installation of King Edward VII.

Sultan Idris Murshidul’adzam Shah was the Ruler of the State of Perak from 1887 to 1916. He represented the Malay Rulers of the Federated Malay States at the installation ceremony of King Eward VII in 1901. When the ship carrying His Royal Highness docked at the Southampton Port, a protocol officer from the Colonial Office boarded the ship to enquire about the Perak State anthem. It was a practice in those days, to play the state or national anthem of the visiting head of state or king on his arrival in England.

At that time Perak did not have a State anthem. It so happened that Raja Harun bin Sultan Abdullah, the private secretary […]