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Race-based mindset is a local culture, the sultan is no exception.

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I hope PR can pursue Selangor Sultan to change his demand on exco quota based on race.

Seems our Agong should insist 25% quota for Chinese and 7% quota for Indian in the Cabinet if race-based allocation is accepted as a norm and culture.

In the same mindset, Johor sultan should also insist 30% Chinese excos in the Johor government.

S’gor Sultan wants 6 Malays 4 non-Malays in exco, not 5 each

Selangor deputy PAS commissioner III Khalid Abdul Samad today said the line-up of Selangor executive councilors are being further negotiated as the Selangor Sultan, Sultan Sharafuddin Shah, wants to see a differing ratio of exco members.

“We were made to understand the Sultan wants to see an exco line-up made out of six Malays and four non-Malays. This is different from 2008 where the exco is made out of five Malays and five non-Malays,” he said in his blog today.

This may cause DAP to opt for three exco seats and a Speaker’s post, instead of four exco seats as originally intended.

“If the ratio of non-Malays remains at four seats, DAP cannot have all seats, as PKR also has to appoint […]