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Brain drain for non-bumi is untold policy

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Only naive people believe what Rosmah said about her concern on brain drain, replacing those non-bumi brains with Indonesians or Muslims is untold policy since merdeka.

Stopping the brain drain

Gifted Children programme will stop brain drain

KUALA LUMPUR: There is a need to stop the outflow of gifted children from the country, said Permata Negara policy working committee chairman Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Rosmah, who is the wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, said she was aware of talented Malaysian children being offered scholarships as well as citizenships from other countries and did not want a brain drain to occur.

Nurturing talents: Mohd Kamil Bardai, the architect in charge of the Permata Pintar Negara complex, (right) briefing Rosmah on the building’s designs at the Prime Minister’s private residence in Jalan Langgak Duta, Kuala Lumpur Monday.

“Therefore, I feel it is urgent that we get on with the Permata Pintar programme as soon as possible,” she told a press conference at the Prime Minister’s private residence in Jalan Langgak Duta here yesterday.

Rosmah also said the construction of a complex for the gifted children programme will commence in November this […]