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New Malaysian Indian image in my mind. Recycled trader, the crime and BN supporters

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Besides my old stereotype on Indian as lawyers and labors, there are few new images cropped up in my mind on Malaysian Indians.

1. Recycled Goods Trader: Most recycled goods traders in KL are Indian.

Don’t mistaken the trade as a low class job, the business can earn lucrative return more than you expected. Two of the top 10 richest persons in China are from recycling business.

2. Crime: A half of Malaysian criminals are Indian compared to 5% Indian population in Malaysia according to police criminal statistics.

I had first-hand experience of being robbed by an Indian gang in a mamak restaurant in Cheras. This is only robbery I encountered in my life.

A DAP politician moved to Cheras from Pahang said three of his four family members were robbed in Chears. He did not mention the race of robbers in the rally.

The Chinese newspapers will report the identify of Indian criminal as Indian, but report Malay criminal as “friendly race”. Indian readers please take note of racial discrimination in the Chinese newspapers controlled by MCA.

3. BN supporters: A packet of rice will pull in a huge crowd of […]