Muar & Tangkak >>>

A museum to enhance Muar city status as a Royal City of Johor

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Another landmark: The old Muar courthouse which the Government has returned to Johor after the new Muar courthouse complex near Parit Perupuk was built.

Muar people were surprise when Johor Sultan conferred the royal town title to Muar city recently. The new royal honorary status is augur well with the efforts from Muar local authorities in promoting Muar as a cultural heritage and food haven.

Muar own history and cultural events are not properly researched and documented for new generations to know and appreciate them.

As a Muar-born person, I was not knowing there was a railway from Muar city center to Parit Jawa even after I joined working life.

The gen X and Y from Muar are most likely never heard of there was a ferry service linking Tanjung Agas and Muar city in 60s. I only had a glimpse by chance on the Muar ferry service visual image in a 60s film telecasted in a Singapore TV station.

Muar lion dance troupe had won the world championships for umpteen times, but how many Muarians know the troupe humble past. Also otak-otak is synonymous with Muar food, its origin and […]