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More than 10 species of birds found in the backyard of my new village home.

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I can enjoy birds’ symphony in the early morning and late evening each day. What the wonderful life in the rural!

The backyard is planted with a guava tree, a mangosteen tree, a few banana trees and herb plants. Two houses are deserted and a land plot next to backyard are over grown with bushes and wild grasses. They are perfect habitat for wildlife like snakes, birds, monkeys, etc.

The guava tree is a food source for many birds, sometimes hornbill birds can be spotted in the early morning.

“Merbok” or the doves always built their nests under the rooftop corner.

A cobra did sleep in my blanket, this is no kidding. I did see two snakes chasing a mouse right into the dining room. The funny thing is the mouse and snakes made u-turn after they saw me sitting in the room.