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MCA hitting below the belt...a low life creature under CSL.

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Lim Guan Eng’s office shall hire child workers only. Any adult female working in the office may be believed has intimate relationship with LGE while any adult male may be suspected to has “comrade” relationship with him.

This kind of personal attack on a politician has never worked in Chinese community unlike the Malays, otherwise the King of bed, Chua Soi Lek would never elected as the president of MCA.

MCA is shooting its foots again by attacking DAP politician with UMNO dirty tactic.

This is last nail in your MCA’s coffin.

Latest Umno-BN drama: Betty kicking & hitting, Guan Eng with plaster on forehead Written by Maria Begum, Malaysia Chronicle

If MCA thought it could provoke DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and his wife Betty Chew into a rash reaction by smearing them in the Malacca state assembly where Betty is the Kota Laksamana representative, they are wrong.

In fact, the failure of Duyong assemblyperson Gan Tian Loo to repeat his suggestions that a woman by the name of Ng Phaik Kheng was transferred from Guan Eng’s office due to ‘suspicious’ reasons is starting to boomerang on the MCA.

“It […]