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Chua lied again to say Anwar was Education Minister when Yen Yen applied for Australian PR

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Anwar was Education minister only from 1986 to 1991. During the time that Yen Yen applied for PR, it was Sulaiman Daud, who was the Education minister from 1991 to 1995.

Restriction with quota based on color skin in local public universities was enforced after NEP in 1971, nothing to do with Anwar Ibrahim as Education Minister from 1986 to 1991.

Legally speking, Yen Yen can apply for PR from 100 nations, but her political moral is bankrupt for her to call herself a patriotic Malaysian.

MCA is a part of BN government who agreed to the quota system, MCA has to answer to Chinese community on this BN racial policy. Anwar was representing UMNO, he has no duty to answer for MCA’s own mistake.

Only Anwar’s children studied in local universities while the sons and daughters of other ministers all are studying in overseas.

Lim Kit Siang also sent his golden son, Guan Eng to Australian university.

燕燕为孩子教育申请澳居留权 [Yen Yen applied Australian PR for the sake of her children education] 细历怪安华限制非土著进大学 [Soi Lek blamed Anwar limiting public universities seats for non-bumi]