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How Nigerians enter Bodohland in droves?

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The upper floor in my unit is rented to two Nigerians, both of them are too old to be students. One of them even has a local Chinese girl friend.

They do not need to work, and yet living comfortably with Astro, Unifi and other facilities. I never see them go to college nearby. These two Nigerians must come in with student visa for them to stay for years.

I have to say their visa is bought with money as usual from the corrupt officials. RM 6000 will settle for one year student visa!

Local lonely women must be thinking they are in love with “Tom Cruise”, but in fact with a poor “black crow”. Love is truly blind for them.:-)

No medicine can cure stupidity except a person is willing to open his/her mind to outside world and inputs.

Syndicates teach recruits the art of seduction first

The Star/Asia News Network Tuesday, Dec 04, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR – Love scam syndicate members are trained in the art of sweet-talking potential victims into parting with their cash in the name of love.

They select their targets, especially lonely women, and flirt […]