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Education does not make a girl smarter and rational

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This woman is from Johor. How on earth an educated woman transfers money up to a million to someone she has never met? Falling in love with someone she never see and meet is like masturbation, syiok sendiri.

Even the man shows up in the airport, he will be looked like this picture,

I will not pity on such a person, only god blessing her stupidity. The same old trick will work fine to cheat girls until we human being is extincted from the earth.

My conclusion is education does not make a person more intelligence with rational thinking power especially the woman.

RM1mil lost to online lover


KUALA LUMPUR: An insurance broker received a rude shock when she lost more than RM1mil in an Internet scam.

The woman, identified only as Lim, 47, gave RM1,021,000 in total to Kevin Axcel Brown @ Joe, whom she “met” in an online matchmaking site in September.

Joe claimed he was a 48-year-old Canadian chemical engineer with Petronas in Terengganu and had used different telephone numbers to communicate.

MCA’s Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong said most […]