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Food self-sufficiency and security shall be prioritized as a national survival issue

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2018 is my ten years of blogging!

Cash crop like palm oil with its low commodity price, widespread fungus disease, shortage of worker, high price of fertilizer and pesticide is no longer a viable and reliable income source for smallholders.

As reported in the Star (…/rm45bil-for-food-import-bill-…/) Malaysia imported RM 54 billion worth of food and animal feed with a deficit of RM 18 billion in year 2016. Food self-sufficiency issue has been discussed for decades since 90s by then BN government but the trend is worsening with more food imports over the years.

With the new PH government with its new hope aspiration, I hope new government can do something holistically and differently to overcome food self-sufficiency crisis. I used crisis wording is to remind PH government food shortage in any economic turmoil or wartime can destroy a nation. Venezuela is a good example.

I am sharing some success stories in other countries on how to achieve food-sufficiency.

– Taiwan fresh milk is fully supplied by its small dairy farms operated entirely by individual or family. The government does not allocate multi million dollars grant to companies or political cronies […]