Lynas Issue by Dr. HW Looi >>>

I withdraw my support for Lynas after it taking legal action against FMT and Anti-Lynas Commitee

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This does not mean I agree with radioactive argument used by Anti-Lynas NGOs.

As an individual sued by Petronas several years ago and know exactly the pains of being bullied by those cash rich companies, I therefore to withdraw my support for Lynas and will remain neutral in this Lynas issue from today onwards.


Dear NK Khoo,

I have decided to join you and withdraw my support for Lynas because I have found out that those people at Lynas are not all that nice and in fact they are rather hostile and this together with the hostility of certain component party of the government makes me feel that it is an exercise of futility to try and support the Lynas company.

Thanking you,

Warmest regards,

And God bless you.

Dato’ Dr Looi