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Just change UMNO to Parti Communist Melayu Mahathir if no contest for the top posts

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No contest in the top posts only happen in the communist party. UMNO might as well change its name to Parti Communist Melayu Mahathir to make Mahathir happy.

Dr M: Umno contest may prove detrimental By AISYAH SULAIMAN |

STATUS QUO CALL: ‘Conflict among members if posts are challenged’

PUTRAJAYA: UMNO’S top two posts should remain uncontested as competition for the posts could lead to disunity and conflict among party members.

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he agreed with calls that there should not be any contest for the posts of party president and deputy president because he feared it would lead to conflict among members.

“Of course, following the practice of democracy, there should be competition.

“Malaysians, however, are not that clear on democracy and, if they lose, members will form another party which will lead to more cracks in Umno. That is why I am against the contest for the top posts.

“During my time, I won with only a few votes, but those who lost took the case to court and then formed their own party,” he told reporters after the launch of the book The […]