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Be a smart consumer when you send your phone to Nokia service center

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My N82 broke down two weeks ago for keypad auto dial and all software went weired including phone and video not working. There was also beeping sound when I turned on camera mode.

These problems persist after I reformatted to original setting. My suspect is no longer software glitch, so I decided to send my set to Nokia service center at Berjaya Plaza for hardware repair.

I highlighted four problems to them

1. Keypad non-stop auto dialing issue.

2. Beeping sound when camera mode is on.

3. Loose SIM card holder.

4. Broken battery casing.

They called me back yesterday to ask whether I agree or not for RM387.70 service charge. Nokia service center is billing me for above issues after so-called diagnosis service.

I immediately replied NO because my three years old N82 set resell value is no more than RM300.

I collected my set from the service center today after paying them RM25 diagnosis fee. Then I went to Low Yat to look for another phone service shop for repairing my phone.

Amazingly, I could not demonstrate problem #1 and #2 to a technician in Low Yat after I […]