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UMNO islamization on our schools

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In my old days, we Chinese students are free to form Buddhist and Christian clubs in the school.

UMNO goons already started to cleanse up non-Muslim religious clubs in schools.

What is next?

UMNO is going to compete with PAS to see who is the first to launch Malay version Islamic state with zero tolerance on other religions?

Stop closing non-Muslim religious clubs in school

By Patrick Lee

KUALA LUMPUR: Several religious bodies have come together to protest against the “directives” purportedly issued by the Education Ministry to dissolve non-Muslim religious socities in schools.

At a press conference organised by MCA at the party headquarters here, the groups alleged that school authorities have ordered the closure of many such societies.

And according to a former teacher, this has been going on for years.

Yap Kun Han, who described it as a “serious problem”, said: “In my 31 years of teaching experience, there have been quite a number of such cases.”

“In 1998, I was told to close the Christian Fellowship in my school (Bukit Bintang Boys School in Petaling Jaya), but I did not,” she said, adding that the directive was reversed […]