Terrorism >>>

UTM used to be a hotbed for Islamic fanatics

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How I know that? Those lecturers taught in my islamic study class are a role model of religious fanatics, late Ashahari Husin is one of them. To recap, Ashahari is one of top leaders for Jemaah Islam in Indonesia who was killed years ago by Indonesian police.

A lecturer told us that Muslims have defeated the world with this funny logic. Afghans defeated Russians in the Afghanistan war and Russians defeated Americans in the Vietnam war. His conclusion is Muslims have defeated two superpowers, Russia and America.

Militant Leader Noordin Mat Top Buried

PONTIAN, Oct 2 (Bernama) — A regional militant leader Noordin Mat Top, who was killed in Indonesia two weeks ago, was buried in his home village, Kampung Kayu Ara Pasong here Friday.

Noordin’s body arrived at the Nurul Iman Mosque for funeral prayers at 6pm to the shouts of “Allahhu akbar” by villagers before he was laid to rest at about 7pm.