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Reject PR candidates who contest state and parliament seats

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I support Karpal Singh’s call to limit PR candidate to one seat, they either to contest in state or parliament seat only.

Actually this is an old policy in DAP since day one, but the exemption was given to Uncle Lim’s golden boys and girls like his son, his political secretary, etc.

There is no more excuse by saying insufficient good and right candidates from PR to fill all seats after 308 political tsunami.

I saw Lim Guan Eng and Teresa Kok both have problem to manage state affairs under their charges.

> Lim Guan Eng must explain why the drastic drop of FDI in Penang this year?

> Teresa Kok must explain why Chinese and Indian students are discriminated in study grants from the Selangor?

You have to focus on a job only if you want to achieve excellency in the field.

Reject those politicians contest in both state and parliament seats if DAP is still practicing cronyism in candidate selection.