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Police and public members are lacking statistical skill to interpret accident data

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Police and many public members only look at a single point or a few data points to conclude Ops Sikap is success or failure.

The head of traffic safety department in JPJ said there is improvement during this operation by comparing average death number against last six months data while our public members compared this year Ops data with previous year, and concluded more deaths per day.

Both JPJ/police and public members are wrong in data interpretation. Singapore police was doing same thing as our police several years ago.

Dr. Deming described this problem is due to lack of profound knowledge in statistics.

In order to see road accident is improving or worsening, we have to use statistical process control technique to analyze its trend over time and to see the trend is within the statistical control or not.

All actions taken by our police and JPJ in combating road accident are like a dog chasing its tail, have never achieved their intended goals.

More police personnel on the road during festival season is like a quick-fix solution, the root causes of high accident rate are still NOT proper identified and addressed.

Dr. Deming […]