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Believe it or not, there was a fireworks display in my tiny new village

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A 7-minute fireworks display at the cost of RM50,000 was sponsored by an unnamed Chinese datuk during the Pagoh MCA’s CNY celebration in my new village.

Although the fireworks display is a private-funded project, I still disagree on spending RM50,000 on such non-value added activity. DPM Muhyiddin attended the party and he was with the crowds for a few hours because he is the host MP.

BN government donated RM80,000 for this MCA-sponsored CNY celebration party is a blatant abuse on our public funds.

This MCA-sponsored CNY party was responded to DAP indoor rally held in my new village a few months ago.

There is another ugly thing (it’s still legal) I do not disclose in public about this CNY party, you have to find out yourself. I have to give face to my kampong folks and my elder brother.