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Oil palm price crisis...Who should be blamed?

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A ton of cruel oil palm has dropped from RM550 to RM335 in just three weeks. The breakeven point for palm oil plantation is RM300 per ton.

Felda settlers and smallholders will feel the thorny pain first.

BN shall re-think whether Felda settlements in Johor and Pahang are still its fixed deposit after their livelihood is badly affected by the oil palm price crumble?

UMNO will blame Soros for manipulating oil plam international trade to find scapegoat for the palm oil price crumble crisis.

Go click on the right column about “How UMNO robbed Robert Kuok?” and the karma falling on Malaysian palm oil producers due to unlimited greedy of UMNO politicians.

It’s time to reduce over dependent on palm oil crop and diverse to other agriculture products.