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It's time for Malaysian Chinese to stop practising burning paper money ceremony for their ancestors.

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This is old traditional practice influenced by Confucianism, it has nothing to do with the teachings in the Buddhism and Taoism. Burning paper money is tantamount to polluting air and releasing more C02.

Our parents may still believe burning paper money practice can give them a better after-life, but new generations should be smart enough to reject such superficial ritual. I will prevent anyone to burn paper money and any paper offerings to me after I passing away one day.

There is no point to pretend we are filial sons/daughters after our parents passing away. Sorry to say many people have not bother to take care and look after their aging parents when they are still alive.

Taiwanese told to worship online to help environment

(AFP) – 1 day ago

TAIPEI — Taiwan’s government on Friday urged the public to stop burning incense sticks and ritual money in honour of the dead and opt instead for online worshipping to better protect the environment.

The call came ahead of Monday’s Tomb Sweeping Festival, when ethnic Chinese traditionally visit the graves of their ancestors to burn incense and paper offerings.

The practice not only […]