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BN + Mafia = Malaysian government

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Don’t simply think Raja Petra’s story is another Hong Kong movie plot.

Triads are part of BN crony capitalism, BN makes use of them to control underground economy like loan shark, prostitution, drug, etc. Triad bosses have no shy to appear on the newspapers and TVs side by side with UMNO politicians during the CNY celebration parties.

A powerful mafia boss from Jenjarum who controlled the sand mining syndicate in Selangor before 308 was gunned down several years ago because he was too close with an UMNO politician. He was like Patrick Wong who knew too much about sand mining syndicate insider business and was put to sleep to keep that UMNO politician looks like Mr. Clean.

I always said PKR is a mirror image of UMNO, if PKR cooperated with the underground world as claimed by Raja Petra is not unexpected.

PKR like UMNO, MCA and MIC have to be voted out, only vote DAP and PAS candidates if you want to support PR.

‘Whistleblower slain by hired killers’

RK Anand | February 8, 2012

According to Raja Petra Kamarudin, businessman Patrick Wong did not fall off his house balcony when […]