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What a crap from PDC again !!!

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I hope this below reporting from the Star is not distorting what Rosli has said about Kancil Car Park.

He said PDC as a project implementor, only involved in handling tender processes, and then PDC passed back the project to SDO (a federal government agency) for appointing a contractor.

What a crap from Rosli?

If the contractor was selected during a CAT tender process overseen by PDC , then why SDO was appointing another contractor?

If SDO rejected the contractor who won the project in the PDC’s CAT tender process and replaced it with other contractor, he should made noise to newspapers and reported it to MACC for corruption investigation.

Rosli, please be matured and stop blame others for your own negligence and incompetency.

If SDO indeed has appointed its own contractor through BN corrupt direct negotiation method, then we should not call it an open tender, just renamed it as a black box tender.

A question for PDC GM, Rosli and PDC Chairman, LGE.

Did PDC call up open tender for Kancil car park in the first place?

If so, please show it to rakyat the documents and evidence on when the […]