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Yes, let arrest Dr. Mahathir with ISA for signing peace agreement with Chen Peng

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I sympathize all ex-soldiers who lost their lives, limbs, etc. in the operations against communists, but this is risk they have to take as soldiers. There is risk free job called politician who can crying off from the office.

Many right thinking Malaysians against terrorism and communism, but we are asking BN government to honest a peace agreement signed with Chin Peng. “Janji itu kota”, otherwise Malaysia will be seemed as a pariah country for breaking agreement.

Malaysian government shall send Datuk Muhammad Haji Abdul Ghani, president of the Malaysian Veterans’ Association to MARA (or local version MIT) again for him to learn how to read and understand contents in the Hatyai peace agreemtment. He does not understand English does not mean other Malaysians are like him. The agreement says all Malaysia-based communists are free to come back and allowances are also given to them for dismantling booby traps and relocation.

Dr. Mahathir was the one signed the agreement and obviously he had betrayed ex-soldiers like Major Lee, Datuk Muhammad Haji Abdul Ghani, etc. I am fully support to arrest Dr. M with ISA.

“The communists under Chin Peng killed women and children, including […]