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Malay gangsters scared off police??

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The Malay gangsters associated with Perkasa and Pekida attacked the GHAG activists and foreign tourists at the Speaker’s Square. Penang Chinese gangsters would be arrested and charged if they did the same thing.

Malaysia peace will be ruined by Malay radicals sanctioned by UMNO. They can frighten police for unknown reason.

The men from the right-wing Malay group are seen chasing the British couple who happen to be near the Speakers’ Square, as the police look on (far left).

New right-wing Malay group attacks anti-sedition gathering in Penang


A peaceful gathering to repeal the Sedition Act in Penang was called off after a newly-formed right-wing Malay group, which includes Perkasa, heckled the speakers and chased away people who gathered for the event.

Gerakan Hapus Akta Hasutan (GHAH) coordinator Ong Jin Cheng’s speech was cut short after the Persatuan Gabungan Melayu Islam Pulau Pinang heckled him as Ong took the stage at about 6pm.

Armed with a hailer, they drowned out Ong’s voice as he was delivering his speech at the Speaker’s Square today.

The group, numbering about 30 people, then surrounded Ong but GHAH supporters and several policemen at […]