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Police, what witness do you expect from rape case?

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Should Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin expecting someone to submit Chua Sok Lek’s kinda porno video to him?

Detain the suspects and conduct DNA profiling to match with the child’s DNA. So??

No Witnesses To Assist Probe Into Alleged Abuse Of Penans – Police

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 (Bernama) — Police Friday refuted claims that they are turning a blind eye to alleged sexual abuse involving Penan women and that until today no witnesses have been brought to the police by any NGO fighting for their cause.

According to CID director Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin, police had investigated 14 reports of alleged rapes in the Baram area since 1995 and only four cases involved Penan women, including three cases reported in 2008.

He said these cases were not brought to court due to insufficient evidence and there was also a case involving the sudden death of a Penan elder, where no foul play was suspected.

Bakri said a task force headed by him was formed to investigate these allegations after a meeting in Bukit Aman on Jan 2 with the Inspector-General of Police and several NGOs which discussed issues relating to sexual abuse of […]