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Penan is the victim of BN tyrannical government

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First response from police and BN politicians is “no such rape on Penan girls because no police reports were lodged so far”. Case closed.

There are numerous reasons no police report made by Penan rape victims,

– Fear of revenge by logging workers.

– Penan community is too dependent on free transport service provided by logging company. Any police report against logging company may disrupt this vital transport service for Penan students.

– Police station is too remote, in many occasions it takes 2-3 days to reach nearest police station.

– Language barrier and no IC discourage Penan to come forward.

Countless field reports conducted by NGOs confirm systemic rape by loggers on Penan girls.

BN government is more concern on money from logging in the Penan settlements than the justice and welfare of our native people.

An unrelated case happened at several years ago, I heard outsiders went to orang asli settlements in Lenga, Muar for free sex service by bribing orang asli village head. I am not sure such ugly incident is still continue or not.

Motion to debate Royal Commission for Penans’ allegations rejected

KUALA LUMPUR: Dewan Rakyat has rejected […]