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What went wrong in Johor and Penang?

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Many controversies and issues in Johor like

– Land grab by “Malay first” politician

– Sands smuggling to Singapore

– State budget deficits

– DANA Johor bankruptcy and its Chinese bondholders are refunded 50% investment unlike bumi bondholders who received a full refund

– State road projects outsourced to Ghani’s wife

– Lion dance statue controversy in Muar

– Iskandar Development Region (IDR) outsourced to UMNO cronies

– ZERO transparency tender.

Yet Johor is seemed and proven as a BN fortress after 54 years of mis-administration by BN.

Malay is the majority race in Johor with a big chuck of them are descendants of Javanese who migrated to Johor no earlier than my father. At least 70% of them will vote UMNO for gratitude to their bumi status , ten acres Felda land and other free handouts under the NEP apartheid policy.

Any Chinese Johoreans can see themselves that MCA is active and doing a lot of community services at the grassroots level in the new villages unlike DAP with almost non-exist service.

This explain why a half of Chinese in Johor unlike Chinese in other states still vote BN […]