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The declaration of assets comes too late and too little

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I will give LGE a thumb up if he did do within six months of forming state government.

The couple’s or partner’s assets are not disclosed is a loophole. I suspect most assets were registered under the partner or couple of excos. LGE is obliged to clear this question mark under his CAT.

Besides, no disclosure on asset transactions after 308 for the excos and their partners. A ton of transactions could happen in last four years.

This exercise is a last minute half-cooked gimmick to cheat Penang and Malaysian voters that PR delivers it promises.

Let learn from this Chinglish slogan, “Empty talk endangers the nation, practical work brings prosperity.”

If you do not understand Google translation, let me translates it for you, “Empty talk is harmful to a nation, and prosperity only achieve with the pragmatic policies.

The declaration of Penang exco members’ assets comes too late and too little. Penang excos declare assets

GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his state executive councillors have made a public declaration of their assets.

The declarations of Guan Eng, Deputy Chief Ministers I Datuk Mansor Othman and II Dr […]