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LGE is better to do soul-searching before too late

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Penang PR government under LGE definitely will be kicked out from Penang IF they keep doing things like now.

In one occasion, he abruptly stopped the media briefing when someone brought his youngest son to the conference room and played with his kid. This is very unprofessional conduct as a CM.

LGE can talk a lot, but cannot get thing done is his weakness.

They better learn something from Selangor and Perak PR government before too late.

LGE and his gang still got time and change for better in next four yours if they are willing to listen grouses from the rakyat.

Survey: Penang govt must fulfil promises

GEORGE TOWN: A survey by Suaram has shown that the people of Penang are demanding that the state government make good its promise of a competent, accountable and transparent administration. Most respondents want Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his state executive committee members to make public their assets as is being done by their counterparts in Selangor.

Suaram co-ordinator Lau Shu Shi said the survey should not be interpreted as an attempt to attack or discredit the year-old state government.