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Foreign workers are supposed not to work in the service industry

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Foreign workers are not allowed to work in the service industry when the foreign labor import policy was started in early 90s.

The promise by BN government has been thrashed to please Malaysian employers who are not shy to exploit local and foreign workers as well.

Our employers complained that no locals wanted to take up jobs in the service industry is UNTRUE.

How do you expect local people to take home RM 600 to 900 monthly pay?

At least 90% of cooks in 118 KK food hawker center at Taman Connaught Chears are foreigners. See its Google street view.

Ruling gets thumbs up from Malaysians online

PETALING JAYA: The Penang government’s move to ban foreign cooks from being the “main chefs” at hawker stalls has drawn some support.

An informal survey on The Star Online Facebook page showed that 80% of 55 respondents supported the ban.

Only 9% disagreed, while the rest did not mind whether their food was cooked by a local or foreigner.

Facebook user Rubz Loh said the ban was a great move to retain the consistency and special flavours of Penang food.

KS Chen believed that […]