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Bad start, bad ending

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Nothing seems right for car park

BELOW is a summary of findings on the Penang Hill multi-storey car park by the Penang State Inquiry Board.

The weaknesses

> At the design stage, the approved plan by the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) did not comply with council guidelines requirements, namely the ramps’ gradient exceeded the requirement, the ramps turning radius was insufficient and there were traffic circulation conflicts. The project architect was responsible for these weaknesses.

> The tender drawing and plan were issued without approval.

> At the construction stage, physical commencement of work proceeded without the plan being approved, the documentation was not in order, the clerk-of-work was inexperienced, the dimension and design errors were identified but not rectified and the latest drawing was not transmitted to site for implementation.

Uphill task: The steep slope at the controversial 'Kancil car park'

Solution options

> To demolish, redesign, reconstruct the entire building; to localise demolition, redesign and reconstruct ramps only or to localise demolition on ramps only and replace with vehicular lifts.

> Carry out Actual Load Test for one to two months and install settlement markers to instil public confidence in […]