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An open letter to Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng

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Dear YB Lim,

This open accusation from your own man is very serious.

How could a non-technical person was appointed as a technical manager? I suggest you remove Penang Hill Corporation (PHC) general manager Datuk Lee Kah Choo and reopen the job interview for PHC technical manager position.

How could they said sabotage is a probable cause before any full investigation? This is very unprofessional PR skill.

Even the NST reporter has forewarned ticketing problem before last week. I have said it before PHC management has very poor planning skill judging from the delay of canteen project.

Regards, nkkhoo

Ng: Unqualified personnel running operations at hill

GEORGE TOWN: A government backbencher took the Penang Hill Corporation (PHC) to task for failing to live up to the objective of improving the popular tourist destination.

Ng Wei Aik (DAP – Komtar) said the PHC, which was set up following the passing of the Penang Hill Corporation Enactment 2009 at the state legislative assembly two years ago, had failed to meet expectations.

Ng, who is Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s political secretary, said the PHC had appointed […]