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Multiple ticket price for foreigners is justifiable

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I read the letter from Scott who put up a lopsided argument by quoting only low purchasing power foreign labors and budget travelers unable to enjoy the beauty of Penang Hill due to quadruple ticket prices, and of course I disagree with him. How about affluent tourists from high GDP nations or even from low GDP nations like China and India?

Dual tier pricing is a common practice in any country. For instance, Kandy Botanical Garden and other world heritage sites in Sri Lanka are charging foreigners at least five to ten times more than locals. Also most of the tourist spots in China are using dual tier pricing for local and foreign tourists.

Foreign workers are paid to work in Malaysia, basically their contributions are compensated accordingly and they should grateful to Malaysia for offering them jobs. They have no privileged rights to ask for equal term like our local people in accessing our public facilities. Local people should enjoy lower prices for various public facilities because they are tax payers who support local authorities and government.

No country in the world is running welfare-like tourism to cater for low income foreigners. […]