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Penang hillslope apartment projects...who should be responsible?

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I agree five hillslope apartments in the BN propaganda brochure were all approved by previous BN government.

Who should clean up the shits? Whoever running the present government must responsible and come out a solution. Barking to previous government is just an excuse of incompetence and lousy government.

Lim Guan Eng said huge compensations have to be paid to developers if PR government cancels the projects. Actually, I do not understand “huge” is 1 million or 1 billion for him.

This is a typical lie from Junior Lim.

Under the housing law, the local government still can cancel any project already approved. When the PR took over Penang government, two projects were still on the drawing board albeit building plans already approved by MPPP.

The government has no obligation to pay for potential HUGE profits from the canceled projects as Junior Lim tried to mislead rakyat.

For example, Pak Lah canceled JB crooked bridge approved by Mahathir after he became PM, the government only paid compensation on cost incurred on the project. Another example is Tan Huat Joo’s quarry license cancellation.

The state government could cancel hillslope projects by merely compensating […]