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Chinese craftsmen working permit application is being dragged on for six months by BN government

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35 Chinese skilled craftsmen are urgently needed to repair and restore Kuan Yin temple, the application for their work permits was submitted in May, but its approval was on hold by Immigration Department for unknown reason.

This news is purportedly not published by The Star.

In other hand, millions of unskilled workers from Indonesia and Bangladesh are flocked in like sardine fishes without problem. A visit to any hawker center in Kuala Lumpur is like visiting a foreign country nowadays.

I believe the temple trustee either refused to pay “duit kopi” or Chinese citizens are discriminated as usual.

Falling roof tiles damage statues of deities in temple


GEORGE TOWN: Four statues of deities in the 211-year-old Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) temple were damaged after roof tiles crashed down on them during a downpour.

Nobody was injured but the affected portion was ordered closed temporarily as a safety precaution.

The four statues were ones which resembled the disciples of Confucius.

Delicate work: Temple helper Teh Tat Beng, 57, cleaning the tablets and damaged statues at the storeroom yesterday.

Other 50-odd statues in the altar include that of Di Zhang […]