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Penang monorail is janji ditepati?

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Pak Lah had promised to build monorail in Penang before GE 12. Broken promise is not the sole copyright of PR, BN is as good as PR.

The new promise to build a monorail by Najib provided BN wins in Penang in not a promise, it is a political extortion which should not happen in a free and democratic nation.

Obama’s backside would be kicked up and down by Americans if he dared to promise a project to a state only happen if he wins in the presidency election.

SOLUTIONS for Penang folk


PROMISES ALWAYS KEPT: Najib announces good news for housing and transport in state

GEORGE TOWN: THE people of Penang were yesterday presented with a gift and promised another by Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The prime minister announced the construction of 20,000 units of low-cost and affordable housing and promised a monorail system to overcome the traffic congestion which plagues the island.

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