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Repost :: A rebuttal against Lim Guan Eng in Kwong Wah

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This article appears in Kwong Wah Daily is hitting the nail to expose lies from Lim Guam Eng.

Solar energy is green, but its manufacturing processes are not. The fact is 90% of photovoltaic end product is used in developed world with > 90% of its manufacturing waste is dumped in the third world.

LGE, don’t ask why Gerakan people keep quiet against photovoltaic factories in Melaka and Kedah?

Obviously, opposition parties in Melaka and Kedah (before GE 12) were sleeping for not voicing out issues related to photovoltaic factories.

I have lost respect on Lim’s credibility after a series of ridiculous arguments. His governance standard is not better than MCA politicians.

I rate Lim Guan Eng in same level with Chua Soi Lek except he is morally right in marital relationship.