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More than 3 years for PR exco to hide their assets

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Penang PR takes 3.5 year to decide on declaring their assets. I suggest LGE find other job instead of being Penang CM for unable to fulfill a simple promise made during the GE12.

They have ample time to transfer and hide their assets after 3.5 year late.

Penang CM and exco to declare assets within a month


BUTTERWORTH: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng promised that he and all 11 state executive councillors will declare their assets to the public within a month from now.

He said that the declaration would include assets before they assumed office on March 2008 and after it, so the people can make the necessary comparison.

“The (state) exco has now approved this and the assets of (our) exco members will be made known soon. We will first start off with our excos,” he said at the sidelines of the Penang DAP convention here on Sunday.

However, Lim said that the spouses of the state exco members do not have to do so.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh, who was also present, said that its central executive committee will also plan […]